Project Tips: Where to Use Spray Knockdown Finish

Spray Knock Down Finish is similar to a stucco drywall finish. However, it is a bit smoother and is often done on horizontal surfaces. The acrylic concrete material is highly popular because of its ability to hold its knockdown texture and to maintain a cool temperature even after hours of sun exposure. Here are some areas where you can use a spray knockdown finish:

Pool Deck

pool-deck-knock-down-finish-san-diegoThe most common concrete surface where a spray texture would be most applicable is a pool deck. Of all the pool deck texture coatings available today, this is probably the most comfortable for a swimmer’s bare feet. It has enough texture to prevent slips and falls. Plus, it stays cool enough to prevent burnt foot soles. Although it comes in a variety of colors, make sure to choose one in a lighter hue for better heat-reflectivity. This is also highly recommended for commercial pools, water parks, and the like.


concrete-patio-san-diegoA concrete patio is also a great place for a spray-down concrete resurfacing. The look of a trowel finish is elegant enough to enhance the aesthetics of the outdoor living space but subtle enough to make other features and elements stand out. This is an ideal concrete coating for roofless or open patios. The great thing about this coating is that it can be scored or engraved if you want a more customized look or to simply add room for the concrete slab to expand.


concrete driveway sealer san diegoYou know how burnt wheel rubber leave ugly marks on the driveway? This can be prevented with a knock-down finish. Because the knockdown texture on concrete stays 30% cooler, it keeps rubber tires from melting or breaking down. If you think it is too plain to improve curb appeal, you can match it with a stamped concrete border or frame to make the driveway more interesting to look at. Alternatively, you can stain the spray knockdown finish with a color that matches or complements its surroundings.


decorative_walkwayBe it a walkway to the garden or the front entryway to your house, it needs to look good and function better. Although more popular as a pool deck knock down finish, this spray texture system is ideal for almost any outdoor surface. It promotes undeniable slip-resistance, is very easy to clean and maintain, and is durable enough to last a couple of years or more, depending on usage.  

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