Why a Concrete Pool Deck is Perfect for San Diego Weather

Residents of San Diego love to bask under the warmth of the sun. Who can blame them? With its fine beaches and sunny weather, “America’s Finest City” is made for outdoor living. Locals know all too well that having a pool area is essential for any San Diego home. Those who have a commercial or residential pool and those planning to have one need to consider the right material for their deck. Here are some reasons why concrete a concrete pool deck is ideal for San Diego weather.

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There’s no need to worry about freeze-thaw cycles.

Snowfall isn’t something one should expect during winters in San Diego. Because of this, concrete pool decks in the city are safe from the damages brought about by freeze-thaw cycles. Concrete is prone to deterioration as it expands and contracts when water penetrates its surface. This is because the water is frozen during snowy winters and thaws as the season passes.

Hot summer days aren’t a problem either.

Summers in San Diego are hot, sunny and dry. You might be worried about scalding your bare feet when the concrete pool deck heats up. You’ll be pleased to know that you’re completely wrong. Concrete allows the application of a special pool deck coating designed to address this problem. Cool decking is applied on a concrete pool deck making it heat-resistant and skid-free.


Other Benefits of a Concrete Pool Deck

Still not convinced? Here are other benefits of a concrete pool deck that will surely change your mind.

  • Concrete is Fully Customizable
  • Concrete doesn’t have to be gray and boring. There are many patterns, textures and colors available in applying pool deck overlays.
  • A Budget-friendly Option
  • When it comes to concrete pool deck, there are enhancement options available for every budget.
  • It’s Low-maintenance
  • A concrete pool deck doesn’t require as much maintenance compared to other materials like wood and pavers.
  • An Eco-friendly Choice
  • It reduces your carbon footprint as it doesn’t rust, rot or burn. It’s also made of limestone which is one of the most abundant minerals on the planet.
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