4 Ways to Prepare Your Pool For Fall

Once the smell of pumpkin spice is evident in the air and the leaves start to acquire beautiful fire-like hues, you know that Fall is on the horizon. When the air becomes cooler and cooler, everyone knows that swimming season is over. It is important to prepare the pool for the upcoming season. Although it won’t be used, it needs to be in good shape and must be well-maintained while it goes through the season. Here are basic ways you can prep your pool.

Clean the Pool

If the pool will be unused for several months, it is important to clean it really well. Any debris could contaminate the water. Organic debris, like algae, could spread like crazy when summer comes back around. There are winterizing pool chemicals that can be added to the water to maintain its cleanliness and to control bacterial growth. The pool deck should also be kept clean and in good condition. If a pool deck concrete repair is needed, have someone repair it immediately before rain or storms start to make it impossible to do. If there is surface damage, pool deck overlays and coatings can effectively make it more durable, more appealing, and more resistant to the upcoming season.

Balance Pool Water Level and pH

Water should be at an appropriate level before it can be covered. It is best to ask help from an expert to check if you need to drain water off from it. The drainage level will depend on the material used, the type of cover you have, the type of lining, the finish of the pool, and more. As for the water’s pH level, chlorine and calcium levels should be checked prior to covering the pool. If you are not sure, a pro can help you with this.

Check the Filtration System

The filtration system may need to be shut down through Fall and Winter. But before you do that, make sure that it is clean and in good working condition. Make sure that there is no water in the lines. Also, check to see if any plug or lid or anything that needs to be replaced. If it is clean and well-maintained, there would be no issues once it needs to be started back up again.

Cover the Pool

Falling leaves will always be an occurrence during the Fall season. Except some of those to fall on or be blown over by the wind to the pool. These can cause bacteria and algae to grow, making it more difficult to clean the pool once swimming season begins again.

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