7 Ways You Can Make Your Patio Halloween-Ready

Looking to impress all the neighborhood kids? Getting your Halloween decorations early and on-point can help you stand out in the neighborhood and bring guests. We think your patio is the best thing to decorate for Halloween; not only is it more low-maintenance to take care of decorations on your patio than on your lawn, but it’s also what most people will see when they come up to your home for some candy.

halloween ghost dogs

These are 7 ways you can get your patio ready for all the trick-or-treaters in the neighborhood:

Improve your patio flooring

Before you can go about decorating your patio, it might first be more important to focus on the patio itself. During Halloween, you can expect quite a lot of traffic on the patio floors. Can they hold up to the job? If you’re in doubt, consider switching to concrete floors. 

halloween-themed door and patio

Concrete flooring is extremely durable and stain-resistant, making it the perfect companion to messy Halloween parties. There are a variety of concrete patio coatings available on the market that can deliver durable flooring without breaking the bank, like stamped concrete overlays that combine both design and functionality.

Go the alternative route with jack-o’-lanterns

jack o lanterns halloween

When everyone else will be going through the painstaking task of finding the most perfect orange pumpkins, stand out by purposefully choosing the most imperfect and malformed pumpkins to carve into jack-o’-lanterns. Not only will it be a lot cheaper, but it will also give a creepier vibe to your decorations – and trust us, that’s something that you want on Halloween.

Attach a trick-or-treat banner

trick or treat children

Make it clear to wandering trick-or-treaters that you’ve got a lot of candy you’re prepared to give away. Attaching a simple trick-or-treat banner is a friendly way of inviting your neighbors and it can be a good opportunity to break up the creepiness of the rest of your decorations.

Prop up some fake animals

Two animals are practically synonymous with Halloween: crows and spiders. Both are also very easy to mimic with fake props. Positioning the crows on the high points of your patio as though they are looking down on the people on the patio is an easy way of making your decorations interactive.

Spook it up with the right lighting

halloween house lighting

Don’t let your standard patio lighting ruin all the hard work you’ve put into your Halloween decorations. Instead, opt for lanterns with yellow lightbulbs. You don’t have to spend money on pre-decorated Halloween lanterns. Instead, dress up normal ones with fake cobwebs and fake spiders. That way, they can be reused even after Halloween.

Source branches for a low-budget decoration

halloween party table candles

You know all those branches starting to litter your yard? Instead of throwing those away, prop them up on pumpkins or bales of hay to cast a creepy shadow over your patio once the sun goes down. Just make sure you trim off any sharp points that could hurt someone.

Add a wreath to your front door

halloween doorpost wreath

Tap into your Christmas season wreath-making skills to make an appropriately spooky one for Halloween. Use branches and fake snakes to interweave a wreath that is sure to make some people scream (in a good way!).

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