5 Ways To Add A Garden Onto Your Patio

Most homeowners dream of having a garden to walk by and view from the inside. Not everyone has the luxury of space, however. 

Building a concrete patio outdoors kind of eats up space that could have been used for landscaping. So what to do? Investing in a complete patio remodeling is costly and takes long. 

The solution? Create a garden right on the backyard concrete patio. 

Cool Patio Design Ideas For Adding A Garden

Patio summer garden

1. Hang Them

You can use rope, steel rods, or chains to hang potted plants from the ceiling of the patio’s roof. 

Plants that are suspended lets you connect with nature without occupying any of your floor space. Another cool thing about this is that kids and pets won’t be able to mess with any of your plants since they’re hanging.

2. Put Them On A Ladder

Have an old ladder in storage? Use it for a no-brainer concrete patio makeover instead.

Just have it lean over a wall, making sure to secure it so it wouldn’t topple over when someone bumps against it. 

Put potted plants on the steps, putting the smaller ones on top and the bigger ones at the bottom.

3. Arrange Them Vertically

Vertical gardens are ideal for modern concrete patios. 

There are flower pots made to hang on a steel or wooden frame but you can add hooks to pots you already own. 

The plants can be arranged in almost any way you want. Some even arrange the plants by color to create a mural-like garden on the wall. If you have an ugly wall on or near the patio, this is a great way to cover it up.

4. Place Them In Tiers

Get three pots or buckets in gradual sizes: small, medium, and large. Put soil in each one. 

Put the medium pot on the biggest one and then the smallest on top of the medium pot, imitating a three-tiered cake if you may. Put your plants or seedling on the exposed soil on each tier. 

This allows you to have three types of plants using just one part of the patio space.

5. Organize Them On Racks

Old kitchen racks, whether they can stand alone or need to be propped up on a wall, save patio space while keeping your plants sorted and organized. 

This is ideal for herbs, succulents, and other small plants. The racks also help protect the plants from kids and pets.

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