Top 5 Interior Floor Trends to Try

The trend in home improvement have become more than just about style and taste. Gone were the days when people chose aesthetics way above everything else. In these changing times, homeowners are quite conscious about practical and versatile options for their interior floors. The trend is also leaning more on economical and sustainable choices, rather than high end and expensive. Because of this, flooring materials that feature beauty, function, and affordability have become accessible to all. Here are some of the top flooring options for use on interior floors:

Acid Staining

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Concrete remains to be one of the most versatile product of all time and it has once again proven that through stained concrete. This is a process where existing concrete slabs are topped with an acid-based concrete stain that causes a chemical reaction when it comes in contact with concrete. This chemical reaction creates random effects on the floor that gives it a marbled and somewhat mottled look, similar to natural stone surfaces. Because this involves an acid-based product, it is highly recommended to let a professional who knows how to stain concrete do the job. If applied properly, the result is a unique floor that looks elegant and classy, with a price tag that won’t break the bank.

Decorative Concrete Overlays

stamped-concrete-patioUsing special coatings or overlays, old concrete floors are given new life with a variety of decorative concrete options. Stamped concrete is one of the most popular choice because it can be patterned after more high end flooring materials like bricks, pavers, and even natural stone especially when manually stained to replicate its colors.

For hardworking floors like garages and basements, epoxy and polyurea polyaspartic coatings are great choices. They are super durable, easy to maintain, and customizable.

Polished Concrete

interior floors san diegoMore and more people are becoming a lot more simpler when making flooring choices. In fact, modern interior design are featuring polished concrete as an alternative flooring because it can be made to look luxuriously shiny while maintaining the natural gray surface of concrete.


interior floors san diegoThis has been a trend for years because of its sustainability, having come from a renewable source. Although there have been issues in the past about the slabs or slats shrinking out of proportion, manufacturers have since corrected this. This come in a wide range of colors and widths.

Reclaimed Wood

These are old wood planks and pieces from old buildings which are then reused as flooring materials. This reusing process has become so popular that reclaimed wood can be quite difficult to find nowadays, thus, making it a bit more expensive than one thought it would be. People love the unique look of reclaimed wood on floors, leaving it to look as they are without sanding, staining, or varnishing it.

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