Best Picks, Top Concrete Overlay Designs, And Ideas

A concrete overlay is probably one of the best things that ever happen to the construction and remodeling industry. An overlay is a thin layer of material that is applied on top of an existing concrete slab to restore it, improve its look, and enhance function. One standout feature of an overlay is the range of possible designs available. To help give you an idea, here are the best design picks for an overlay.


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This popular paving stone is one of the looks that an overlay can replicate. The slightly rough surface gives it character and slip-resistance. It can be designed to look like one continuous slate slab or lines can be added to it to make it look like it features slate pavers fitted together. This is popular for use on outdoor surfaces like the driveway, patio, sidewalk, entryway, and more.


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This pattern is represented by a mix of squares and rectangular shapes fitted together. This pattern can be integrated with other textured surfaces. The sizes of the pavers can be enlarged or reduced and the corners can be rounded, if desired It goes well with both modern and traditional homes.


Probably one of the most popular natural stone pavers, flagstone can be intricately mimicked by an overlay, especially with hand-staining. This is a popular design option for pool decks, patios, and driveways. It features irregularly shaped stone pavers that are fitted together to create a flat, walkable surface. This design can go with almost any architectural theme. Just make sure to choose the right color combination that matches or complements your home.


stamped concrete drivewayOne of the most traditional paver material is brick. This rectangular-shaped pieces can be arranged in many different patterns, such as the simple running brick. Other patterns include the herringbone, European fan, and more.



stamped concrete san diegoEver watched movies where carriages and horses gallop away on stone roads? That is cobblestone. Some countries have managed to keep such pavement style because it is slip-resistant, appealing, and highly durable.



Sstamped concreteurprisingly, concrete overlays can be designed to look like real wood boards. The designs are stamped or manually applied on the overlay. Once the overlay has dried and cured in the proper allotted time, it is manually stained to recreate the look of real wood. This is perfect for use on both indoor and outdoor concrete slabs. It is easier to clean and maintain than real wooden floorboards.

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