Stamped Concrete Overlay Patterns To Choose From

Stamped concrete gives your patios, driveways, and pool decks a timeless look. Your outdoor floors look like luxurious natural stones and even expensive marbles with stamped concrete overlay patterns

However, the stamped overlay patterns are made using cost-efficient materials, so you would not have to pay the actual price for luxurious flooring materials. 

If you are excited to have stamped concrete to transform your old grey concrete floors into a beautiful piece that graces your homes, this blog is for you. Here are five top choices for a stamped pattern on your concrete overlay and concrete resurfacing. It would also be best to check out San Diego Concrete’s stamping designs gallery

Top 5 Most Common Stamped Concrete Patterns 

Random Stone

Random stone mimics the natural patterns of stone floorings. As the name of the design suggests, the ways you would see are random and irregular shapes. There is no specific repetition of shape and form, and the patterns and designs randomly bear different sizes and shapes. There is no particular square, round or rectangular.

This design creates a more natural aesthetic. The randomness would remind you that something is less manufactured. 

Random stone stamped concrete pattern

Classic Wood

Wood stamped concrete is a classic stamped concrete design using an actual plank of wood that creates patterns on the concrete surface. 

This gives a utilitarian-modern vibe without you having to pay for expensive outdoor wood floor material. This pattern is most popular for patio and pool deck resurfacing.

Wood patterned stamped concrete

Herringbone New Brick

Herringbone would bear the classic look of brick walls. However, herringbone has a distinct pattern that would reflect a specific design trend. If you compare it to a classic brick, the herringbone would have more dimension-like diagonals, unlike the traditional brick overlay patterns with overlapping vertical and horizontal lines. 

This pattern gives a more edgy form to the same floors and would look perfect for linear driveways or entryways.

Herringbone pattern for stamped concrete patio

European Fan

The European fan patterns bear the pattern that mimics a fan when revealed to open. This gives ideas and shapes that you can play with by combining them. These patterns are perfect for driveways to provide the floor space with a unique aesthetic instead of linear ones.

European fan stamped concrete pattern

Ashlar Slate

Ashlar slate is the one getting more attention these days, and it is because of the unique texture that slate stone has. 

So for the ashlar slate, the texture is more focused when a concrete coloring is added to the stamped slate patterns. 

Ashlar slate pattern stamped concrete


I hope you enjoy these articles and can decide which stamped design would be perfect for your patios. It would be best to consult a professional flooring contractor and expert designer to create excellent coherence to the plans in your properties.

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