Why Stamped Concrete Is Better Than Stone?

If you’re looking to have a natural stone patio, driveway or walkout, you might want to consider using stamped concrete instead before making a final decision. Stone patios have a tendency of springing up even in the first year of its use. Stamped concrete can give you a look like stone gives, and also achieve a long lasting beauty and easy to care for material on your outdoor living space.

Here are some specific differences of each:

Stamped Concrete

Two of the biggest and best pros that pull patio enthusiasts towards stamped concrete is its convenience and affordability. Even the most complex stamped concrete designs significantly costs less than a stone paver per square foot, and it also looks like a real stone. It’s also easy to blend it with any existing outdoor concrete flooring that you may have which saves you even more money.

Stamped Concrete Pool Deck

Concrete surfaces are known to wear well. Here in San Diego where cold weather is not that much of an issue, cracking that results from frost is a problem that’s very unlikely. With most daily temperatures are well above freezing, you can always be sure that your concrete surface will stay looking like it has just been poured for many years to come.

Another benefit of stamped concrete is that you are able to achieve a great number of varied styles. There are many colors, textures and finishes to choose from, it’s so many that it’s literally limitless! With stone, there are a few limits to what you can do depending on the available system in where you live and the naturally occurring stone shapes and colors.


One of the major cons of a natural stone work is its upkeep. Most stone patio layouts involve a porous grouting material that requires more than an occasional power wash. It’s also far more receptive to plant and fungal growth than stamped concrete and it breaks down easily. Odds are more likely for you to re-grout a stone patio long before re-pouring a new concrete. Aside from the grout trouble, if any of the stones break in any way, it will be one of the hardest tasks that you’ll encounter to look for its exact match.

Rough and uneven surfaces are the ones that make up the second downside of stone surfaces. Jagged edges and sudden shifts in stone height are one of the common and most irritating patio dilemmas. Not only does the unevenness limit the type of outdoor patio furniture that you can get, but it also presents a major safety risk. Unless you have it evened out professionally, don’t be surprised if you suddenly trip over a bump on the surface or slipping on it.

If done properly and efficiently, a stamped concrete decorative floor, inside or outside, can be perfectly level and safe. When it comes to safety, durability and style, stamped concrete definitely does the job.

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