How Much Does It Cost To Get Concrete Stained?

Concrete staining is a practical and efficient decorative resurfacing. Local concrete contractor as Stained Concrete San Diego uses this method for improving old concrete flooring. 

Staining the concrete costs around 4 $ to 15 $. You also have to consider if you need simple staining or concrete staining for a high-end property.

Get your notepads ready and check out the following considerations to compute your stained concrete’s cost.

Terracotta-colored concrete floor

Things To Take Note

1. Basic Staining Concrete Job Cost

Do you know that you get a concrete staining job for as low as 1.50 $ to 2 $ per square foot? That is for basic staining for the floors. 

Are you stunned by how low you can get quality flooring? Well, here are more things to consider when getting basic stained concrete.

2. High-End Staining Concrete Job Cost

Some properties will require a more complex staining job. The basic staining uses single color and thinner, minimal sealer. 

On the other hand, decorative resurfacing and staining for a high-end flooring cost around $12 to 25 $.

3. Areas To Install And Their Cost Range

One factor to consider is the area where your flooring is located. Furthermore, knowing where the staining job will occur will also tell the requirement of the floor. 

Here is a list of summaries per square foot and estimated range for various floor settings.

  • Patios – 1.50 $ to 15 $
  • Decorative Concrete Indoors – 2 $ to 4 $
  • Single stain with sealer – 2 $ to 5 $
  • Basement floor – 4 $ to 10.50 $
  • Acid-based stain – 5 $
  • Water based stain – 4 $

4. Resurfacing Requirement

A flooring area that needs staining usually wants to achieve a translucent look. The effect brings a vintage feel to the flooring surface. 

Thus making the stained concrete staple resurfacing among hotels, company lounges, and first-class restaurants. The owners often come after the luscious look of the flooring.

Also, resurfacing concrete is a practical choice for creases and cracks in the floor. That instead of removing the entire slabs, they opt to have them stained. 

Here is where the vintage feel of a property comes from. It is stained concrete that adapts to the cracks and the damages on the floor.

Resurfacing process requires that the slabs be fixed or repaired first. Huge and obvious cracks need to be filled and patched. Finishing it with staining will have the patched cracks and linings bring a rustic theme to the flooring.

So aside from the staining method, there is a resurfacing cost to consider. 

The cost varies depending on how minor the repair is, ranging from 24 to 3 $ per square foot.

The maximum cost of decorative stained concrete ranges from 15 $ to 25 $.

Does The Staining Cost Vary?

The listing above only represents the average range based on national cost. If you ask, “does the Staining Cost vary in San Diego, CAYes, it does!

That is why flooring experts highly recommend that you better talk to a local flooring contractor. 

Having to do so will let you get the correct cost which will vary depending on your location.

Concrete materials and supplier’s demands differ from one place to another. Thus the varying price for decorative concrete resurfacing jobs is at play.

concrete stained flooring and a roller

Stained Concrete Floor Estimates

Average Area Size with Basic resurfacing Cost:  $7000- $11,000

High-End Decorative Concrete Stain Total Cost: $17,000 – $ 25000

Minimum/ Basic Stain Job Total Cost: $1500- $3000

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