Stained Concrete Techniques To Make Old Concrete Look Fresh

Stained concrete is one of the best ways to revamp your floor indoors or outdoors, and it is also popular because it works on both old and new concretes.

You can also go green by using it. Few flooring options are as long-lasting as a concrete stain; eventually, they will all need to be replaced, which wastes resources and presents disposal issues.

Using stains with creativity can make anything suit your style and budget. You can use highly minimal coloration, striking design elements, or both. To help you achieve the best, let’s dive deep into ways and techniques of residential stained concrete floors.

Worn out old concrete patio

The Many Ways to Do Stained Concrete

Stained concrete now evolves in many ways how to do it.

Gray Stained

Nothing beats the classic appeal of grey concrete stains. It is available in both lighter and darker shades of grey that you can use. This stain enhances the natural beauty of concrete, and you can leave it matte or add some gloss.

White Highlights With Stained Concrete Floors

If you are bored with one color, you can always add highlights to create contrast and life with your floors. Highlights produce an elegant touch, just like stains create a natural stone look.

Acid-Based Stain With a Matte Finish

If you don’t want a glossy finish, you can utilize an acid-based stain with a matte finish. Acid stains work well to create a wood-look effect on floors. Colors include tans, browns, terra cottas, and soft blue greens.
Old concrete patio with gray stain

What to Do When You Find Old Worn-Out Concrete?

Worn-out concrete can be anywhere, from living spaces to garages and decks! It can be pretty embarrassing if visitors notice them unkempt. But there’s no need to run your blood cold since there are inexpensive techniques you can do to any area that needs residential concrete work.

Stained Technique for Old Patio Floors

Other than grays, warm colors can be excellent for patios. To make the energy in this area welcoming, you can add a quartz-like appearance to it using the misting technique. To achieve that, apply a base coat to the concrete and let it dry completely. Lightly mist a second color, then add more if desired.

Stained Technique for Old Residential Concrete Floors

Residential polished concrete floors require a bit more character and should go well with any of your furniture inside. You can create a faux marble by doing the blend or veining technique. Wet-on-wet application is key to blending because all the wet colors combine to create a smooth transition. On the other hand, veining is a wet-on-dry application that creates a striking contrast from the color of the veins to the base.

Stained Technique for Your Garage Floors

Garage floors require a simple base, but using the sponge or ragging technique can add some life. It is a simple application of stain while dabbing it with sponges or rags.

Stained Technique for Worn-Out Driveways

You can stamp your newly resurfaced concrete or score a dried concrete before you stain it, which are both best for driveways. In this stage, you can stencil your stains on individual shapes from the stamp pattern you created.


You can teach yourself how to do the techniques. But, as with many other decorative concrete projects, it’s best to hire a residential concrete contractor. That way, your concrete will surely last longer, and you will have more time for other errands.

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