Concrete Staining San Diego Installation

Floors play a huge role in making a space a lot more pleasant visually, be it indoors or out. One of the easiest ways to revive old floors is adding a coat of decorative concrete stain. It is not temperature-sensitive so it is ideal for use in San Diego, California, where the climate can be hot and humid.

Aside from adding a customized color to complement the other elements within a room or outdoor space, it is also an effective method of masking discoloration and minor blemishes on the concrete slab. A stained concrete San Diego application can be done on plain, stamped, engraved, and other types of resurfaced concrete surface.

The Concrete Staining Process

It is important to note that there are two types of stains for concrete: acid stain and water-based stain. The former produces a semi-translucent color, while the latter a more opaque and uniform stain. The process of application is as follows:

  • The first thing a decorative concrete contractor does is evaluate the floor that needs to be stained. This will help them determine if surface preparation is needed.
  • The floor either goes through a washing or grinding process, depending on how much preparation the surface has to go through. A wash cleans the surface of dirt, while grinding is done on floors with more surface damage or those with an existing coating or overlay. This will help expose more porous concrete floors to make the stain adhere more effectively.
  • Surroundings are masked and covered to protect them from the stain or any damage that might be incurred during the process.
  • The stain is now sprayed onto the concrete surface. Acid stain concrete solution may need to be agitated with a soft-bristled broom.
  • A water-based stain must dry for about 24 hours, and a sealer can already be applied as a top coat.
  • An acid stain is left to dry overnight before it is neutralized. This is an important step because the stain has made the concrete floor acidic and needs to be returned to a neutral state.
  • Any residue is removed and disposed of properly before the concrete floor is rinsed with water. This may be around 2 to 3 rounds of rinsing or until the rinse water runs clear.
  • The acid-stained floor is again left to dry for about 24 hours before a sealer is applied.
Brown colored stained and stamped patio

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