Stained Concrete Cost: What You Need to Know

There are many different ways of coloring concrete. The use of concrete stains, however, produces the most luxurious results. From luminous to translucent and even opaque hues, this coloring medium creates looks that could never be replicated, such as the look of antique leather or the random effects of polished marble. Luxurious as it looks, is the cost as extravagant as it seems? Let’s take a look at the stained concrete cost and why it is priced as such.

stained concrete cost

Factors that Affect Concrete Stain Costs

The cost of acid staining concrete floors depends on a variety of factors. It is important to know the specifics in order to get an accurate quote. Factors that could affect costs include:

  • Number of Colors – Although single stain floors look undeniably beautiful on its own, homeowners have the option to choose a combination of two or more colors.
  • Surface Preparation – Because stains can be applied on existing concrete slabs, the amount of preparation required to make the surface stain-ready may vary.
  • Size of the Job – Most contractors charge per square foot.
  • Difficulty – The more difficult the job, the higher the costs. A job can be difficult if it requires more surface prep, if the area is quite difficult to access, and if space is restricted, making it difficult for the contractor to move around.
  • Sealer Type – The type of sealer used, as a top coat, may vary in the level of shine and how many coats will be applied.
  • Type of Stain – Price may depend on whether a water-based or acid stain concrete product is used.
  • Customization – Stained floors can be further customized with border designs, faux finishing, and stenciling, among others.

Concrete Stain Cost Breakdown

A professional contractor who knows how to stain concrete would be able to assess and estimate the total costs for a project you are interested in. To give you an idea at how much it would possibly be for concrete staining San Diego services, here is a rough breakdown:

  • Basic Stain – $2 to $4 per square foot
    • Includes a single stain color, minimal surface preparation, and a sealer coat.
  • Intermediate Stain – $4 to $10 per square foot
    • Includes one or two stain colors, minimal to intermediate surface preparation, and a sealer coat.
  • Upgraded Stain – $8 to $15 per square foot
    • Includes multiples stain colors and complex sawcut patterns.
  • High-end Stain – $12 to $25 per square foot
    • Includes stencilling and manually applied stains.
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