San Diego Cool Decking Alternative: Cost- Competitive Acrylic Knockdown Texture

Terrible heat and UV rays can be quite damaging to outdoor concrete surfaces in San Diego, California. This is why it is common to see exterior concrete pool decks, patios, and even driveways with cracks, holes, and other types of damage. 

This, however, can be resolved with a spray knockdown finish such as Sundek Classic Texture. Sundek Classic Texture is an acrylic concrete coating that is ideal for use on outdoor surfaces that are often exposed to heavy foot traffic.

Cream colored classic texture pool deck

What Is Spray Knockdown Texture?

A spray texture San Diego is different from other pool deck resurfacing options because it is applied differently. Instead of being poured and then spread with a roller brush, it is sprayed with a hopper gun. 

After spraying, the material is then troweled, thus, the term “trowel finish”. One reason why this is a popular option is that a knockdown finish is slip-resistant. 

Aside from the non-skid surface, knockdown texture on concrete also has the ability to stay 30% cooler than other paving materials. Of all pool deck texture coatings, this is probably the most comfortable for bare feet. 

Before, this concrete texture was only applied to the house interior like ceiling and drywall, but because of its benefits and appearance, it is now popularly used as exterior floor coatings. 

This material comes in a variety of colors but it can also be stained with custom colors and designs if desired. 


Benefits of Knockdown Finish for Swimming Pool Decks, Patios, Driveways & more!

Although there are many decorative concrete options available out there, many residential and commercial property owners favor a knockdown finish over others. Here are good reasons why:

Slip-resistant Surface

The texture created with a spray-down concrete resurfacing improves traction especially on pool decks, patios, and driveways, resulting in an improvement in safety and functionality.

Customizable Aesthetics

This finish falls under decorative concrete for a reason. Aside from being available in various colors, it can be customized to meet a customer’s design cravings. 

Homeowners and business owners can also choose from the different types of acrylic knockdown texture, which are: classic knockdown texture, stucco, slap brush texture, lace texture and more! 

It can also be stained, dyed, scored, or engraved. The style can also be patterned to the house design. 

To remodel your pool deck or patio with spray knockdown finish is the best choice!

Heat Reflective Feature

Compared to other paving materials for outdoor use, using classic textures system is quite efficient in staying cool despite constant exposure to sunlight. 

Another reason why textured concrete application is ideal for pool decks: Swimmers can forget about having to wear flip flops just to keep foot soles from getting burnt on hot concrete.


A concrete replacement used to be the only solution to old or damaged concrete surfaces. 

Nowadays, resurfacing with an acrylic concrete coating is enough to restore concrete, improve it, and make it function much better without spending a fortune. 

Of course, area size plays a big role on the overall cost of the project, but still, it is much less compared to replacing the whole concrete. 


This coating, although sprayed thinly, is durable enough to resist harsh weather, foot traffic, and more.


Knockdown texture on concrete requires minimal repair and upkeep. An occasional pressure washing will help remove dirt embedded in the grooves. 

Because it is not made of individual pieces put together in a pattern, there is no opportunity for weed or moss to grow.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The answer is YES! Textured walls are a popular trend and most preferred by homeowners in the US and around the world. Specifically, the knockdown texture, which is the most popular textured wall, is considered by homeowners to be closely associated with orange peel texturing, but the differences between the two are significant.

10 to 15 minutes.

You have to wait for at least 10 minutes for the wet shine of the spray to disappear before getting in the next step.

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