5 Tell-tale Signs Of A Reliable Contractor

When it comes to concrete installation and repair, it is highly recommended to hire a pro to do it. Your driveway concrete, patio, pool deck, or any concrete floor highly depends on the skill and expertise of someone with that specialization. However, it is unfortunate that not all contractors are professional, licensed, or even dependable. So, how would you know if a contractor is worth your trust?

Concrete Contractors Should Meet the Following Criteria

Licensed And Insured

Any contractor who is serious about his business is going to exert effort to acquire a license and insurance. Unlicensed contractors could be a sign that they are not qualified or that they are ready to run away with your money when they have a chance.


Thorough Assessment And Quote

A reliable contractor gives a free but thorough assessment of the concrete space you want to be repaired before they give a quote. The quote should involve the important factors that influence costs, such as the size of the concrete space, the level of surface preparation required, any necessary repair, the type of method and material to be used, and any other customer requests.

Hand writing free quote in a white board

Plans Ahead

All types of concrete work need to be planned, no matter how big or small. Pros make sure that the plan includes a timeframe with scheduled tasks. This includes surface preparation, drying and curing time, and more. Another important detail that a reliable contractor considers is the weather, especially for outdoor projects. The contractor should check the forecast to properly schedule when they should pour or install the material.

Calendar and clock

Wears Proper Gear

There is a proper gear for concrete work. This protects the contractor and his people from any danger and mess. It protects their clothing and skin from splatters of material which could be very difficult to remove. There are special shoes that should be used, too, when stepping on a newly resurfaced or refinished surface. These keep shoes from making a permanent imprint on the concrete surface.

two men checking the concrete floors

Proper Installation Process

An experienced contractor follows a specific and organized process to ensure successful results. Contractors who just do what they want to do, are disorganized, and those who seem like they are just doing guesswork are worrisome. You would not want anyone toying with your investment and your concrete space. A good contractor should be able to explain the process to you before they even begin the work.

Pen and checklist

Follows Up

A reliable contractor follows up on a project they were recently hired to do. Often, they do this to check if the material is curing properly, if some problems arose, or if they need to do some retouching.

While researching for reliable contractors, you can ask family and friends for some recommendations. Ask them if the contractor did any of these things. You may also check online reviews mentioning how a contractor works. It may require a lot of time and effort on your end but it will be all worth it in the end.

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