Pool Deck Resurfacing San Diego & Refinishing Options

San Diego weather is mostly sunny throughout the year. It is normal to find homes with swimming pools where people can take a cool dip as a relief from the summer heat. What’s not normal is having ugly and damaged pool decks around the pool. Not only is it an eyesore, it is also a safety hazard. There is no need to worry, it is not the end of the swimming pool. A good resurface or refinish would be able to put the swimming pool area back in shape.

Why Opt for Concrete Resurfacing/Refinishing?

If the damage isn’t that big a deal, concrete pool deck resurfacing and refinishing are both ideal solutions. It effectively resolves the issue without costing too much. Pool owners do not even have to worry about acquiring a patchwork of a pool deck after such repairs because there are various decorative solutions that provide appealing, slip-resistant, and durable concrete pool deck.

Top Decorative Concrete Coating  Options

There are many ways a pool deck can be revived to a more stunning and functional outdoor surface. Here are some of the most recommended resurfacing and refinishing options:

pool deck resurfacing san diegoStamped Concrete Overlay – This overlay is placed on top of an existing concrete pool deck and then stamped with a pattern or design. Stamped concrete overlay is ideal for a concrete pool deck that have minor surface damage or those that are too slippery when wet. The texture of the stamped concrete pattern provides a slip-resistant surface perfect for wet feet.

pool deck resurfacing san diegoSundek Classic Texture – This is an acrylic concrete coating that is sprayed onto the pool deck surface and then troweled by hand to create a stucco-like surface. This textured, non-skid coating is perfect for pool decking because of its ability to stay 30% cooler than other types of paving materials.

pool deck resurfacing san diegoStained Concrete – If the pool deck only suffers from discoloration or unpleasant stains, a good coating of concrete stain can revive its appeal. A sealer can then be applied to protect the colored concrete.

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