Concrete Coating Specialists, Inc. is proud to offer a range of concrete services that have been specially designed to improve the function of your concrete floors and help them stay in the best shape possible to make them an even longer-lasting investment.

We are proud to be an A+ rated BBB business – which ensures the quality, skill, and professionalism that we bring to every project we are hired to complete.

Why go for amateurs when you can hire an A+ concrete contractor in the San Diego Area? Call (619) 443-2318 today to receive a free quote on any of the services listed here!

Concrete Repair

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While it can definitely be said that it is normal for concrete floors to crack and show signs of aging after years of use, it does not have to be something that you should just live with. At CCS, we want to extend the use of your flooring for as long as possible to ensure you get the best returns on your investment. That means providing an effective and affordable way to repair concrete. We use only the best concrete repair putty on the market to make sure those cracks don’t come back

Concrete Sealing

concrete sealing san diego

Concrete is a naturally porous material that can be vulnerable to stains and liquid soaking through when it is left bare. This is especially true for floors outdoors that are subject to varying climates. That is why it is crucial that bare concrete floors are appropriately sealed. A good high-quality concrete sealer that has been correctly and professionally installed can mean the difference between floors that last a long time and ones that crack and fall apart only a couple of years after they were first installed.

Concrete Resurfacing

concrete resurfacing san diego

Concrete resurfacing is one of our most popular services for residential and commercial property owners alike. That’s not surprising because there are few services more value-packed than concrete resurfacing, where you truly get the bang for the buck. For older concrete floors that are starting to show more serious signs of damage, a concrete resurfacing service installs a new overlay on top to, at once, camouflage the damage and seriously extend the life of your floors. You can pair our incredible resurfacing service with a decorative application like staining or stamping to further customize your floors.

Cool Decking

cool decking san diego

Cool decking is a must-have service for any homeowner with a pool. If you’ve ever experienced the pain of bare feet on a scorching hot concrete pool deck, then we know you’ll love the opportunity to make your pool deck both more attractive and more tolerable for bare feet. By applying a heat-reflective coating on the surface of the pool deck, you are left with a glossy pool deck that will also keep most of the heat away from the surface.

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