The Secrets to Keeping Your Garage Sparkling Clean

You are likely to accumulate a lot of things in your garage over the years you’ll live in your house. It’s also likely that you’ll try multiple times to clean and sort everything out, but it will always just seem to get messy again

And when you’re using your garage for multiple things, it can quickly become bothersome for your garage to keep getting messy when you need it to be a clean efficient space for work and storage. 

That’s why we’re sharing the 3 secrets to getting your garage clean and organized, and how to keep it that way, which we argue is even more crucial.

Secret #1: Invest in a storage system, not just in storage bins

You’ve bought all those storage bins you’ve seen recommended in every home organization blog and you’ve even bought the fancy label maker that spits out tags for each bin. Yet weeks later, a mess reappears and it becomes hard to find anything, let alone something specific.

That’s because you’re thinking about your storage the wrong way. What you need before you buy anything is to devise a system that keeps you organized. List out what belongs in the garage and what doesn’t – perhaps old winter clothes belong but maybe not your books that have outgrown your shelves. When you know what belongs and what doesn’t, it becomes easier to sort what goes in there and what storage bins are necessary. By grouping like items, you can also mark out areas of the garage that are meant to store that category.

Only when you understand what is going into the garage can you start buying the necessary items. Choose sturdy clear bins and containers that can easily be labeled and that can be viewed without disturbing the inside contents.

Secret #2: Choose the right garage flooring

This is massively underrated. “What difference does it make what the garage flooring is when they all need to be cleaned anyway?”, you might be thinking. But it makes a massive difference to both the way you clean and how long it takes. 

Floors that are hard to clean and that require many tools and cleaners can be disheartening to clean. This can often result in the job being put off until all the surface grime has built up, at which time it has become a more difficult task.

By choosing a garage flooring like epoxy that is cost-effective to install, you have floors that are not only durable but also stain-resistant and extremely easy to clean.

Because nothing is absorbed into an epoxy floor, wet or dry mops can quickly clean the floors. You won’t believe how much time and energy choosing the right garage flooring will save you. 

Secret #3: Declutter regularly

The fact of the matter is that it just isn’t enough to declutter your garage once and call it a day. To keep a garage in great condition, you need to make decluttering a bi-annual event. That means doing it every six months.

To declutter, you will have to go through all your things in the garage to ensure it’s all things you still need and want. People forget how important this task is and end up with a garage that is overflowing with junk. 

But by decluttering regularly, you can keep the pristine look of your garage while also updating your storage system to make sure it’s still working for you.

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