Sapphire Colored Pools for Your Next Pool Decking Improvement

Residential and commercial swimming pool colors vary from one property to the other, from dark green tiles to light, grey concrete. 

There are cool decking overlay San Diego that would opt for a standard and primary concrete gray hue. This provides their home with a more simple pool deck.

Others would choose a vivid and elegant design, like dark green tiles. This creates an eccentric feel to your swimming pool property that would not match other pools.

However, have you considered a sapphire-colored pool?

Yup, you read that right. Today, most residential and commercial pool owners prefer deep, brilliant blue colors. This goes with a sapphire-hued cool deck overlay. As of today, sapphire is one of the most popular colors people pick for cool deck colors.

Why is it popular? Let’s tackle all you need to know here. From choosing the colors for your pool surfaces to matching them with the right design and material for their cool decks!

What are Sapphire-Colored Pools?

Today, let’s talk all about azure-shade cool decking around the pool. First, let’s settle on what is a sapphire-colored pool.

The word itself, sapphire, refers to a dark-blue hue, and it provides a cool and calming sensation to the eyes, which is perfect for swimming pools.

This is especially perfect for hot places like San Diego. The dark-blue aesthetic matches the pool water’s shade. This is why it is a perfect combination!

It is not merely just a swimming pool that is colored blue. It creates an atmosphere in your backyard or your commercial area that is welcoming and easy to the eyes. Sapphire-colored pools stand out during the day and even match the night sky in the evening, perfect for night swimming.

Tan colored concrete pool deck

Designing Your Bluish Pools with the Right Pool Deck Design

You may be considering having a cool deck pool overlay, resurfacing yourself. Now, with this post, it finally dawned on you that you will resurface your pool and have a sapphire-colored pool. 

However, before we dive into that rabbit hole, let us consider some things. We don’t want to be caught unprepared. 

Below, we listed tips to help you achieve the right cool decking concrete design for your property.

1- Pick a Cohesive Design

The first thing to consider when designing your pool is creating a cohesive color scheme matching your swimming pool. You don’t want something improper in your swimming pool.

The color of your concrete pool deck should be in unison with the colors you have for the entirety of your swimming pool. This also offers the pool a sense of identity.

2- Pick the Right Color and Pattern

You may have chosen a perfect design, but the color and pattern do not match your pool. What do you do? You mix and match until you get the perfect color and pattern for your property. Again, this is to create a unified look for your swimming pool.

The best way we can do this is to ask professional concrete pool deck contractors for their opinion. They will surely be glad to offer the perfect match for your pools.

3- Include Landscaping Designs

Speaking of pool deck contractors, you may want to include them in your query about landscaping designs.

These landscaping designs include ground covers, container plants, shrubs, and even shade. This provides a natural aesthetic, matching a sapphire-colored pool. Landscaping designs also boost your pool’s beauty.

slides and falls by the pool

Maintenance and Care of Sapphire-Colored Pools

Of course, our swimming pools are still susceptible to nature’s forces. What should we do then? Here are some quick tips for handling pool maintenance.

  • Clean the pool deck with a neutral cleaner to remove accumulated dirt and algae;
  • Apply pool deck sealant every 1–2 years;
  • Repair cracks and chips immediately to avoid further damage;
  • Blow debris and leaves away, avoiding pool deck discoloration and staining;
  • Keep pH levels balanced, preventing damage to the deck;
  • Use mats or rugs to avert the deck from scratching;
  • Consult a professional to protect, maintain, and care for your pool decks.

Final Thoughts

As summer is fast approaching, we want our swimming pools to be their best. To accomplish this, you can opt for a sapphire-colored pool cool decking. 

Rest assured. Your swimming pools will stand out from the rest! You can also contact experts and request a free quote in cool decking overlay San Diego as they can give you the best services out there.

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