Rubber Concrete Stamps

It’s always in our minds. We want to make things look attractive in our homes. From the interior to its exterior, a beautiful home is what everyone would definitely want to have. If you have a surface in your property that needs to be covered up in concrete, you might be wondering as to what kind of application would make your concrete a beautiful surface, spicing it up a bit. While it’s essential for you to add furniture that would complement the area and space, it merely just covers or masks the surface underneath instead of adding to the appeal of your concrete space. One of the best options that you can choose to get the perfect design on your flooring is through stamped concrete–with rubber concrete stamps to apply the designs.

Remember the times when you were kid, and you came across a drying concrete? Maybe it was going to be used as a sidewalk or walkway. And if you were like most kids, they’d get down on their knees and write their names on it, forever immortalizing your mark.

Well, that’s the basic idea of rubber stamps for concrete. It may seem just a simple application, but the outcomes can often be extravagant and fancy making the simplest of steps, a look above the plain old gray concrete.

concrete floor rubber stamp in the driveway

Types of Rubber Stamps

There are a lot of different stamp styles that you could choose from. Stamped concrete has been around for about 60 years now, and this means that you have literally countless choices for designs. From basic designs to almost geometric-designs that evoke a feel of elegance and luxury. You can stamp onto the concrete basically anything that you imagine!


The rubber stamps can be used to make the concrete resemble other flooring materials that are usually expensive. It’s practically a wise investment if you want to save up but still want to have a taste for the elegant. The popular choices have been stamps that would make your concrete appear as if it was real stone or brick. Nowadays, you can use rubber stamps to mimic tile, cobblestones, pebbles, hardwood floors and much more.

Save Up on Your Investment

One of the many reasons why rubber stamps is popular is because you’ll be able to save a lot of money when you invest in stamped concrete. Just look at all the above stated flooring designs that can be made through rubber stamps. A lot of these would cost at least twice as much to have the real and expensive ones installed. Pouring in concrete and stamping it with a design is definitely affordable and cost-effective.

Stamps are easy to find online, but it would be best if professionals like us would be the ones to apply the design and work with your concrete. The manual labor that it requires is demanding and it’s important to not mess up the design or you’ll be stuck with an ugly print on your concrete.

If you need help in finding out more about rubber stamped concrete cost or want to have one installed, Concrete Coatings Specialists, Inc. can take care of all your needs. We want you to have the best decorative concrete surface in San Diego.

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