Resurfacing Decorative Concrete Floors: 2023 Guide

Cracks and chips on the floor can aggravate anyone, including you, especially if they get in your way while doing daily activities. Not only does it not do what it was meant to do, but it loses all its appeal too. And the stress might double up when you wonder how much it will cost to fix it.

But it would be best if you took it easy because this blog will tell you all you need to know about resurfacing decorative concrete floors.

What is Decorative Concrete Floor Resurfacing?

Resurfacing, as the name suggests, is making a surface anew. So, what kind of surface? You can refresh your old concrete by hiring resurfacing professionals in San Diego, California, to add a top coating layer of concrete cement. It fixes any cracks, chips, and unevenness and covers discoloration.

You might wonder how it becomes “decorative” since everyone can assume concrete is plain, flat, and gray. Well, the answer to that is obvious. Concrete, when wet, takes up any form you give it, and you can also modify it once it is thoroughly dried. If you wonder how, then just keep reading.

What Can I Do With My Resurfaced Concrete?

There are a lot of options for how you can spice up your concrete floors, and these are the most sought-after design options:

Stamped Concrete

Do you know that stamping concrete is the most beautiful and fastest way to design with concrete? In this process, you will just different-shaped stamps on wet concrete. It has a lot of natural-looking design options, such as:

  • Bricks
  • Ashlar Slate
  • Flagstone
Herringbone pattern for stamped concrete patio

Scored Concrete

But what if you need stamping tools and your concrete is now dried? If you are skilled, you can get or borrow a diamond saw cutter to score lines and shapes on your concrete. But if you are not, it is best to leave this to the professionals.

Scored concrete pool deck with colorful coping

Engraved Concrete

It might seem like engraving is the same as scoring, but it’s not. For engraving, you will use metal templates other than diamond abrasion tools. The designs on these templates can be anything, like:

  • Polygons and PatternsĀ 
  • Icons, logos, or emblems
  • Names and Titles
  • Flowers or trees
Concrete floors with designs of leaves

Polished Concrete

Polishing is simple; it makes concrete shiny. But have you heard yet that polishing can also be used to expose concrete aggregates? This design technique creates an affordable and durable version of the real Terrazo.

Polished basement floor

Stained Concrete

Staining concrete is coloring it, but it has a translucent color option, unlike paint. There is also a popular choice called “acid-stain,” which reacts chemically and sticks to the surface of the concrete better, making it last longer. It won’t peel or break even if you use a polishing tool.

You can choose many staining color options for your indoor or outdoor concrete, like

  • Terracotta;
  • Garden gold;
  • White;
  • Gray, etc.

Top it off with some sealant then you’re good to go.

Walkway stamped concrete with stains

Stenciled Concrete

Have you seen designs on concrete that look like mesmerizing geometric tiles or carpets? You heard it right! Sticky-back stencils can create this effect on any clean concrete. Although you can use it to develop colored bricks or stone shapes, nothing beats the unique flowy patterns you can make from stencils.

Geometrical stenciled concrete walkway

Final Touch

It would be fantastic if you used more than one design option for resurfacing decorative concrete floors. Also, use a natural, trendy concrete color, which will be a great conversation starter!

You shouldn’t also worry about costs because concrete is much more affordable, durable, and flexible than wood or other flooring options. Ask a professional at resurfacing; they know that too!

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