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Home remodeling in San Diego is not something you just decide upon in an instant. It requires careful planning especially since it is a significant investment. While others consider this as a costly investment, it does not always have to be. Residential property owners would be happy to know that there are practical alternatives to traditional home repair options. Decorative concrete, for example, has taken the world by storm with its highly appealing and durable solutions that come in the friendliest of rates. Now, homeowners need not worry about having to deal with residential concrete repairs and upgrades.

Notable Benefits of Residential Concrete Repair, Resurfacing and Refinishing

Better San Diego concrete surfaces  are obviously the first and foremost benefit of resurfacing and refinishing. But there is a lot more to gain when you choose to breathe new life into your current concrete than replace it with a new pour.

  • Quick Installation – Compared to replacing the entire slab, adding a coating or overlay installs faster. It takes less of your precious time and minimizes the waiting time until you can use your concrete surfaces again.
  • Design Options – With other paving or flooring materials, you can only dream so much when it comes to color and design. With decorative concrete, the choices are almost limitless. You get to choose a pattern or texture and the colors range from pastels to earth tones. You can even mix and match several options until your needs and wants are met.
  • Low Cost – Unlike other traditional options, resurfacing or refinishing your home concrete surfaces costs less expensive. It makes use of the concrete that you already have but adds a bit of coating or overlay to give it a new look, make it more durable, and extend the lifespan of the concrete space.
  • Environment-friendly – Restoring concrete is actually good for the environment. It helps minimize concrete waste and reduce carbon footprint which is produced when cement is manufactured.

Residential Surfaces Ideal for Repair, Resealing, Resurfacing and more!

Any San Diego CA concrete surface can be resurfaced and refinished, as long as it does not have any deep damage and issues. We highly recommend concrete coatings and overlays on the following San Diego residential concrete surfaces:

residential concrete driveway san diegoConcrete Driveways – This is the first thing that guests see when they approach your property. It contributes a lot to curb appeal so it must always be in good shape. A stamped concrete overlay can acquire the look of a brick or stone paver driveway at an affordable cost. A spray texture is also ideal since its texture promotes a slip-resistant surface with improved traction.

residential concrete patio san diegoPatio – As an extended living space, it is but proper to make sure that the patio is safe and pretty enough for family and friends to walk on. Popular options include stamped concrete stone patterns on an overlay and applying concrete stains by hand. A knockdown texture is also a popular option for homeowners.

residential concrete pool deck san diegoPool Deck – This concrete space around the swimming pool needs to have a slip-resistant surface to ensure everyone’s safety. A spray knockdown texture is a highly recommended option for pool deck resurfacing because of its unique texture and its ability to maintain a cool surface during warm weather in San Diego, CA. It can be combined with a stamped concrete overlay.

garage flooring san diegoGarage Flooring – A lot goes on in a garage. It is used as a car barn, a workshop, a storage room, and more. It deserves a floor that is resistant to any damaging element that is exposed to day in and day out. We highly recommend Residential epoxy flooring and Polyurea Polyaspartic because of its seamless look, durability, and high resistance to damage.

residential stained concrete san diego

Interior Floors – This includes the hallway, living room, bedrooms, the kitchen, and more. Stained concrete is highly recommended if you want the luxurious look of a marble or polished floor.

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Concrete Coating Specialists in San Diego is known for our exceptional workmanship and superior customer service. We are one of the leading contractors in the area and we make sure that, when you hire us, we surpass your expectations right from the beginning until the end of the project. From choosing a design to addressing budget concerns, you matter the most. Our San Diego, CA team of pros values transparency, effective communication, and attention to detail, leaving you with enhanced residential concrete surfaces, unlike anything you have ever dreamed before.

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