Highly Recommended Concrete Staining Colors to Choose From

Decorative concrete such as stained concrete flooring offers practicality and cost-efficiency. It’s widely known for its timeless appeal making old floors look luxurious. Reminisce expensive marbled floors when you resurface the floors with Concrete staining San Diego

One way to make decorative stained floors immortal is through incorporating in it the present color trends. Find out which hues in your color chart will blend well with staining patterns.

Colors That Blend Well With Your Stained Concrete

You don’t need complicated ideas with stained concrete. The simplistic approach is the strength of these decorative floors. When choosing colors for the stained concrete, you only need to stick with the natural hues. Take advantage of the neutrals you see in every concrete material.

Take your pick!

stained concrete

1- Livid Colors

Grey-stained concrete is IN! No doubt about that. You might want to catch up with the “respiration” trend entering“` 2021. Shades of grey surfaced everywhere and not just the floors. 

Many homeowners turn to the floors to get inspired by renovating their spaces with livid tones of colors.

Concrete staining techniques go well with the ashen color scheme. The shade of ash is natural to the floors, adds stains, and you get the marbled effect, instantly turning the ordinary into luxury.

2- Warm and Earthy

Green hues and brown that remind you of nature perfectly coincides with stain.

Here are some of the color names that you can use for your acid and water-based stained concrete floors.

rusty red stained concrete floor

Basic Colors

  • Beige
  • Malay tan
  • Cola
  • Umber
  • Walnut
  • Golden Wheat
  • English red 
  • Garden gold

Water-Based Stained Colors

  • Burlap
  • Cajun
  • Olympic Bronze
  • Tiger eye
  • Dried Thyme

You’ll get coarse, but deep rich hues that decorate the surface. The colored water-based solution will have a more distinct effect on the staining.

3- Natural Neutrals

Neutral would mix grey, whitish and fleshy colors. The neutrals are the ones more widely used by different homeowners. This is due to its easiness on the eyes. Colors do not appear too light nor too loud. 

Neutrals can be refreshing, too, making these a choice for living rooms or commercial office spaces. Here are the shades you can choose from the neutrals:

  • Sand Concrete Color
  • Charcoal Concrete Color
  • Terracotta Concrete
  • White Concrete color
  • Black Concrete Color
  • Grey Concrete Color
White colored concrete floor

4- Go Green

You’ll never go wrong when you go green! The staining effect brings a new light to the ordinary everyday green. Imagine your favorite green gems, like jades and emeralds. When these colors are used correctly, they create a sense of magnificence in a place.

Hold that thought in your mind until you try to stain your interior floors with green colors. Play with the staining technique and be surprised at how a green luxury transforms your every step. 

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