6 Pool Deck Remodeling Ideas

When hot weather seems to be engulfing you, it would be such a great idea to take a dip in your backyard pool to cool off. However, if you have to do it, it must be done in utter style and comfort. If your pool area is looking drab rather than delightful, it might be high time for a pool deck remodeling project. Word of advice, though: do not just go get started without planning it carefully first. The first thing to do? Know what you want. Here are some tried and tested pool deck ideas that could guide you in your planning:

Cooler Walking Surface

pool deck remodelingOutdoor pools are exposed to the sun most of the day so the pool deck can get pretty hot. A hot walking surface plus bare feet will always result into something you will regret. If you want a cooler deck to walk on, opt for a pool deck resurfacing service that involves the application of a concrete overlay or coating in a very light shade.  Light colors remain cool underfoot because it reflects the sun’s heat, rather than absorb it like what dark floors do.

Optimize Slip-resistance

When around the pool, the deck can get slippery when wet. To reduce the risks of slips and falls, have a textured concrete pool deck. You can have it coated with a sealer and sand mixture for added traction or you can have it resurfaced with a pattern or design that adds texture.

Decorative Concrete Enhancement

pool deck remodeling

Not ready to let go of your pool deck furniture or the current theme your pool area has right now? Fine. Still want a noticeable enhancement? Then good. Decorative concrete is the trend nowadays because it offers a variety of colors, patterns, and designs for you to choose from. You can choose to have a stained or stamped concrete pool deck with designs that fit your home like a glove.

Wires, Pipes, and Drainage First

One common mistake in remodeling is adding the wirings, pipes, and drainage last. When coming up with pool deck plans, you must also include where wirings for outdoor speakers or lighting will run, where new pipes will be installed and hidden from plain view, and where drainage will be most appropriate.

Non-Claustrophobic Privacy Walls

pool deck remodeling

A great way to give your pool deck a new look is by adding a privacy wall that is high enough to make the area private but low enough to not scare the claustrophobic. If you are going for a solid wall made of concrete, something just above the waist will do. But if you want something higher, you can do so but use wood or metal and opt for railings or a fence-like design. This way, you get enough privacy while still having a slight view of the outside.

Change or Upgrade Pool Deck Furniture

pool deck remodeling

Sometimes, you don’t even have to go too far to achieve a remodeled look on your pool deck. A simple change or upgrade on your outdoor seating or dining elements can give it a refreshing new look. Choose weather proof deck chairs in light colors so as to prevent it from absorbing heat. It is also highly recommended to choose items made of materials that dry easily.

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