Pool Deck Project: When To DIY And When To Hire A Professional Concrete Contractor

Remodeling a pool deck, be it to repair or update, is always interesting. Homeowners often love a DIY project. More often than not, people regard things as something simple to do. This confidence is fueled by the fact that most tools and materials are already available for purchase in local handy stores. Also, there are tons of DIY tutorial videos on the internet that homeowners can take a crash course from. But where do you draw the line for a DIY? Surely, you’ve heard the strong recommendation to hire a pro for concrete pool deck projects. Here is a brief guide to determine which work can be DIY and which ones should be handled by a licensed concrete pool deck contractor.

Patterned stamped pool deck

DIY Concrete Work

In general, minor damage on a concrete deck can be done on your own. Say, there is minor hairline cracking on the surface. There are crack filling agents you can purchase to fill them with and seal them shut. If there are small holes or pits, just fill or pour new cement to cover it up but make sure that the surface stays leveled. If you wish to paint a concrete deck, you can do this, too. Sealing a concrete slab is also something you can do, but make sure to consult a pro about which type of sealer is appropriate.

Concrete Work Best Left To A Pro

For major repairs and upgrades, it is always best to seek the help of a pro. This includes:

  • Resurfacing a pool deck, for one, involves a process that needs to be followed strictly. Spray-down concrete resurfacing requires the use of a hopper gun and only pros are trained for that job. Stamping an overlay also requires the right stamp patterns and efficiency. 
  • Refinishing may seem like something simple but this requires proper surface preparation. Staining a plain, spray texture, or stamped concrete slab will only be effective if the surface is in a state of perfect adhesion. The stain also needs to be sprayed or applied evenly for an even color coat.
  •  Widespread or deep damage needs to be handled by pros. These may cause underlying issues that need to be dealt with. For example, working cracks may mean that the subgrade did not undergo compaction properly or thoroughly. It may also mean that there is movement underneath the slab and the whole thing needs to be replaced.
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