Simple and Easy Pool Deck Plans for Outdoor Parties

Parties are fun but planning one is stressful. Here are simple tips to help you prepare the pool deck for a pool party in the most effortless way possible.


To be Added in Your Pool Deck Party Checklist

Send Out Detailed Invites

It can be quite frustrating to have to deal with latecomers, special requests, and lots of inquiries. If you are having a pool party, make everything clear in the invitation. Say something about what food you will be serving, like burgers or fruits. Also, specify a time for the grilling to happen. This way, you won’t have to restart the grill for latecomers. Let them know that they need to come while the grill is up and running.

Specify what they can wear, too. You can indicate something like “come in your best beach dress” or something. You can say that directly or by specifying a theme like “ready for a sundress party?”.

Make the Deck Party-Ready

Resurfacing or refinishing a pool deck to something more decorative makes it always aesthetically-ready for a party. If you could afford, install some built-in seats and a fire pit. These will definitely come handy during parties. If you can’t do that, make sure that there are enough seats for everyone. If you don’t, spread out some quilts or blankets so people could enjoy the poolside picnic-style.

Clean the Pool

All eyes will definitely be on the pool. It is the focal point of the party, whether you and your guests will be using it or not. Cleaning concrete pool deck and the pool itself will make your outdoor area look clean and divine. Unclear pool water is a major turn-off. Not only does it disappoint visually, it could also affect a guest’s appetite. So, have it cleaned prior to a party and make sure that there is no debris floating around.

Keep the Decor Subtle

The great thing about having a party around a pool is that you don’t need that many decorations to make it look like a party is happening. With just the addition of twinkling lights on trees or on the pool railings at night will make the area enchanting. You can also add tea lights and have them float on the water or arrange them along the poolside with some flower petals. You may also hang paper lanterns, create cabanas with matching fabrics, or just add some pillows and throws on the daybeds or lounge chairs.

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