Pool Deck Paint VS. Stain, Making The Right Choice

A concrete pool deck is not the most attractive type of deck but it is one of the most durable and practical options. But there is no need to endure the lack of good aesthetics. There are several options to make the concrete look better and two of the most popular are painting and staining. But which is the better choice?

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Choosing Between Pool Deck Paint and Stained Pool Deck

Pool Deck Paint

Paint has always been popular as a coloring agent for walls, floors, roofs, and almost anything in and around a home. It produces opaque colors and hues that can be customized to one’s liking. It effectively adds color to a concrete pool deck, covering ugly stains, discoloration, and other blemishes.

Although this is an efficient colorant, it does have some downsides. Paint is a topical solution, creating a film on top of the deck. The percentage that it is going to separate from the deck, peel or flake off, and wear out is high. Paint and water, or moisture, do not go well together. If you paint a pool deck, expect some bubbles or damage sooner than expected. Paint is unable to expand when it gets exposed to water.

Stained Pool Decks

A stained concrete pool deck is one of the most recommended decorative concrete solutions for almost any concrete surface. It comes in two types: acid and water-based. Both come with a wide selection of colors. Concrete staining San Diego can be customized with patterns and designs. Colors can be matched to create custom designs or mixed to create custom hues. Although it yields a semi-translucent color, stains effectively cover up blemishes as well.

Acid stains are reactive. It contains metallic salts that induce a chemical reaction every time it comes in contact with lime or minerals, which are natural concrete content. These reactions create unusual but highly appealing effects on the concrete, similar to marble and leather. Water-based stains are more consistent. It dries in the exact same color that it was prior to installation. This is a better option for cool deck stain if you are planning to incorporate a specific design, image, or pattern on the pool decking surface.

There are barely any cons when it comes to using stains. It penetrates deep into the concrete, creating a longer-lasting color that won’t fade or peel off. A stained surface is often sealed to resolve the high porosity of the slab itself. A fine abrasive can be added to the sealer to enhance slip-resistance.

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