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Has your once-luxurious pool deck lost its charm due to unsightly cracks, fading colors, or slippery surfaces? Are you concerned about the safety of your loved ones around the pool area?

Picture this: you invite friends and family over for a poolside get-together, but instead of being impressed by the beauty of your pool deck, they notice cracks, peeling coatings, or slippery surfaces. Your once-inviting pool area now feels like a liability rather than a relaxing retreat.

The truth is, traditional concrete pool decks are prone to wear and tear over time. Harsh weather, UV rays, and heavy foot traffic can cause significant damage, making your pool deck look unappealing and potentially unsafe. But fret not! At San Diego concrete pool deck, we specialize in creating exceptional pool deck coatings that not only enhance the aesthetics of your pool area but also provide practical benefits.

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A-1 Pool Deck Resurfacing Coatings for Private and Public Pool Areas

Starting from scratch, removing the slab and replacing it with a new one, takes up too much time and requires too much money.  Whether the pool deck overlay is sprayed or stamped, the process is fast, the service affordable, and the results amazing. Here are the top overlays for pool deck repair or enhancement projects:

Stamped Overlay

A stamped concrete overlay is commonly used in the pool deck resurfacing. The overlay is prepared, poured, and spread evenly on the concrete pool deck with a roller brush. Stamp mats featuring the chosen pattern are then laid on top of the wet overlay, tapping them a bit until the pattern is imprinted on the overlay. San Diego pool owners who fancy natural stone will love how a stamped overlay can be designed to look like a real flagstone, fractured slate, and more.

Spray Knockdown Finish

Over time, the swimming pool brick surroundings may suffer damage and stains, negatively impacting the overall appearance. To address this issue, we apply a protective layer of high-quality acrylic concrete coating, offering various designs while ensuring easy maintenance, preserving the brick’s beauty, and enhancing the pool area’s aesthetics.

This is an acrylic concrete coating that is installed via a spray-down technique, making it ideal for pool decks with cracks and worn surfaces. Using a hopper gun and trowel, the spray texture is acquired, giving pool decks a slip-resistant surface that is comfortable and cool to the touch. With its strength and durability, this innovative coating can also be applied on driveways and patios, offering a variety of patterns and materials to enhance any outdoor space.

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Pool deck overlays are highly recommended for those looking to revamp their pool area. No matter what look you are going for, it can be achieved inexpensively. Concrete Coating Specialists has been in the decorative concrete business for over 30 years, providing great solutions for residential and commercial locations in the San Diego, CA area. We are a trusted concrete contractor with an A+ BBB rating.

Our expert team at Superior Concrete Overlays specializes in providing top-notch pool deck resurfacing services using durable urethane and polyurethane coatings. Whether your pool deck concrete is cracked, faded, or plain, we can transform it into a stunning and vibrant colored concrete surface that will impress all your poolside guests. Give us a call today and one of our staff will be more than happy to schedule a free consultation for you with one of our experts. We’ll also throw in a free quote.

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