5 Important Points To Consider For Your Pool Deck

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Pool deck refinishing is crucial to reviving the form and function of the concrete steps surrounding the pool. 

There could be various reasons you need regular upkeep and give the area a dose of Encinitas, CA Pool Deck Refinishing. Here’s to name a few:

  • Reseal the decks to revive slip resistance
  • Recolor the faded pigment or panton the decks for a pleasing appearance
  • Refinish the decks with a more durable and functional coating to resist moisture 
  • Refinish the decks to add an excellent layer to make the decks resists heat for a comfy feel
  • Reseal and recoat the pool decks to enhance aesthetics
  • Upgrade the entire pool decks with more innovative and up to date material

With these listed above, you are sure that the time will come that you will have to give your decks a revamp. 

That said, you will need to consider some essential factors when it’s time for a retouch with pool deck maintenance.

Here are five that you need to consider:

  1. Materials To Use
  2. Cost
  3. Types Of Decking
  4. Weather In Your Location
  5. Contractor

Pool Deck 101: 5 Important Points

Whether you are new to the idea of installing pool decks or a long-time owner of a swimming pool with concrete deckings around it, there are factors that you always need to be aware of.

Pool Decking Materials To Use

There are various things to keep in mind just by thinking about the material. Before you pick and buy your material, you have to think about how it will fit your theme. What color to use; what not?

You also need to know what type of climate is in the region to choose the pool decking. You will learn more about this on the fourth item. 

But for now, here is a quick look at factors that guides your canvassing for the material. 

  • Color of the materials
  • Combination of decking material you want to use
  • The area size of the pool decking
  • The style and design
  • The primary function of the decks you want to apply


Woman using calculator and computer for costing

You will be able to develop the overall cost once you identify the critical factors as materials and labor. But, as most homeowners do, price plays a huge influence when choosing other factors. 

You are working on a budget. So you have to consider putting limitations and thinking of alternatives or modifications to a plan you have that goes against the budget. 

You can start your plan and base all your decisions according to cost.

Once you allotted a specific amount, you have to commit to working on it. Here to help you manage your overall budget, are costs to consider.

  • Material Cost
  • Transport cost
  • Contractor Fee
  • Electrical and other facilities cost
  • Contingency costs for emergencies

Types Of Decking

The type of decking used around your pool would also significantly impact. 

You may either have an inground pool or above ground pool, and decking requirements may differ for these two types.

 Also, the pool layout will be crucial in looking for the kind of decks to design. Do you have a linear pool, circular or mixed type decks?

Here are some pool resurfacing ideas and designs.

Local Weather

Person holding a rainbow umbrella under a rainy weather

As mentioned above, your weather would also play a crucial role in your pool decks. So it doesn’t all end with your taste. 

You may want a wooden look, but you leave in a place where rainy days often occur, and wood would weaken fast under moist weather. 

That is why it would be practical to choose a material adaptive to any weather, like concrete.


Last but not least. Of course, the contractor plays the most significant role. Without them, a swimming pool would not ever be completed no matter how much you had considered. 

You need to consider the contractor’s quality of work and the type of contractor they are. Definitely, you’ll choose a decorative concrete specialist. You must know the rates to look for when hiring a contractor. Choose licensed, and everything a good record will come from that.

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