5 Tips on How to Pick a Driveway Color

The driveway is the first thing people see when looking at a property. In the past, the options were quite simple. The color of the driveway will depend on the material you choose to build it with. So, if you have a brick driveway, then expect some red, brown, and tan colors. If it is asphalt, then it will be a really dark gray or black.

Nowadays, the versatility of concrete made it possible to choose almost any color under the sun. Many different coloring techniques, such as concrete staining, are now available for both residential and commercial driveways. First and foremost, why should you color a concrete driveway? Aside from enhancing aesthetics, it also:

  • Lessens the glare of a light gray or white color of a newly installed driveway
  • Disguises inconsistencies in color and discoloration
  • Helps cool down the surface of the drivewaydriveway colors
  • Increases the resale value of the property

The common dilemma, however, lies in how to choose a driveway color. Here are some driveway color ideas to help you choose which driveway colors will suit your property. Read on!

Choose a Color that Blends Well with the Exterior of the House

The current color theme of the exterior walls, roof, and even garage door of your home can help you pick a color. If you want the driveway to look connected to the house, then choose a similar color. If you have a blue color theme going on, choose a bluish-gray hue or anything similar or complementary to the colors you would find on the house exterior.

Gray stained and stamped driveway

Choose a Color that Looks Good with its Surroundings

If the color of the exterior of the house is plain white or gray, rely on the surrounding garden, landscape, or lawn for inspiration. Earthy colors are the best possible hues to use on driveways surrounded by plants, rocks, and even sand.

Driveway in a luxury residential space

Choose a Color You Can Look at Everyday Without Gagging

Choose colors that are easy on your eyes. Lighter shades of any color are subtle enough to show a hint of character without screaming, “look at me!” to anyone who is passing by your property.

Stained residential concrete driveway

Choose a Color Based on the Length and Width of the Concrete Driveway

Lighter colors make a narrow and short driveway look wider. Darker ones make long and wide driveways look more narrow and shorter. It is, however, important to note that darker colors tend to make concrete more heat-absorbent. If you want to maintain a cool surface, then lighter hues are better choices.

Cream colored driveway with a curve

Choose a Color with the Help of a Contractor or Designer

If you are still unsure about what would look best or if you are torn between two or more colors, there is nothing better than seeking professional help. Ask a local resurfacing concrete driveway contractor or designer who specializes in exterior design. They would be able to provide suggestions and recommendations based on the factors mentioned above.

Exterior view of a midcentury house

Some homeowners prefer the color of concrete. However, it is important to note that concrete has no specific color. Depending on its mineral content, it is most likely to be a white or light gray color. Some manifest a beige color because of the presence of iron in the mix. After some time, a concrete driveway is likely to discolor because of weather changes, old age, and more.

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