Organizing Your Garage Space

You clean your garage once. Then as you keep on buying stuff and other equipment, some of them ends up being stored in the garage. And as you store them there, it keeps on building up until it piles up and it would look like a hoarder’s den. Lucky for you, because this posts solves it all for you. Here are some ways on how to organize your cooped-up garage space.

  1. Have “Garage Zones”. Depending on the size of your garage, you must designate an area where specific items should be found. A “zone” must be allocated for each important garage area: car, garden, sports, maintenance, household, etc. In this way, you will be able to figure out where your stuff is located.
  1. Open your shelves and bins so that you can save time looking for your items. You can see them clearly if you do this.
  1. Place the items that you always use near the garage door so you won’t have to go around the garage looking for them. Large items like your lawn mower can be placed on the corners. This will avoid stuff (and your car) from bumping onto it (or the other way around).
  1. It pays to go vertical. Using peg boards can help. Lightweight tools and other similar items can be stored using the board. You can also add shelves and organizers that could group the items according to function. Place hooks beneath the shelves for more floor space.
  1. Reuse and repurpose items. One of the classic ways in reusing items is by using old rake heads as hooks. Jars with screw-top lids can help organize small tools like bits and pieces of nails, other bits and bobs and screws. You can fasten the jar lids to the bottom of your shelf and then place the jars to its lids. You can also use other items from other rooms to save more space. If there’s a room in your house where you just replaced old cabinets, you can use a portion of those for more storage space.

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Check out these photos for more garage storage and organization ideas.


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