4 Must-Ask Questions When Consulting a Garage Floor Expert

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Organizing your garage, you realize that the floor is a lot more important than you thought it was. 

Think about it: you and your family walk on it several times a day. It should be clean, safe, and durable enough to withstand frequent use. 

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Consult a garage floor expert like the Concrete Coatings Specialists to find the right solution to restore or repair your current garage flooring. 

For starters, here are some questions you need to ask an expert:

What Is The Best Coating For Garage Floors?

There are two highly recommended coatings for garage floors: Epoxy garage floor and Polyurea Polyaspartic coating

As long as professionally installed, these two coatings can turn any dingy concrete garage floor into a seamless and highly durable surface. 

These are non-porous and requires minimal cleaning and maintenance. Both are resistant to stubborn stains, impact, abrasion, chemical spills, and heavy foot and vehicular traffic.

How Will It Affect The Look Of The Garage?

Epoxy garage floor

Aside from durability, aesthetics is also a very important attribute. It plays a huge role in the value of the home and the entire property. 

Epoxy and polyaspartic come in a range of colors you can choose from. 

They dry to a smooth and seamless surface, giving the floor a sleek but classy appearance. If you want a more decorative look, like a granite or terrazzo design, multi-colored micro paint chips can be broadcasted on the newly installed coating.

How Long Would The Garage Floor Coating Installation Take?

This depends on the coating used. Epoxy Flooring is quite sensitive to temperature so the weather must be ideal to make installation problem-free. 

The concrete garage floor must also be prepared beforehand, to ensure proper adhesion. 

The time needed to complete this depends on the current condition of the garage floor. It may take about two to three days or more to complete an epoxy installation. 

As for Polyaspartic, the process is shorter. This material is not temperature-sensitive so it can be installed regardless of weather. It is also a fast-drying coating, cutting installation time to half of that of epoxy.

Is There A Warranty On These Garage Floor Coatings?

It is important to ask a garage floor expert about the warranty that comes with floor coatings. 

Although these coatings are durable and damage is unlikely, it could still happen. Ask about their warranties, what kind is provided when it comes to material and labor, and what type of damage is covered.

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