Is It Possible To Make Concrete Last Longer?

No matter how strong concrete is, it will always have its own share of flaws as a building and surface material. It is porous and absorbs water. This one’s okay if you live at the equator and the temperature never dropped below freezing temperatures, but that’s unfortunately not the case for most of us living here. When the temperature drops and the water that seeped into the concrete freezes, it will expand and would break small particles of the concrete off and would open crevices and cracks that would widen in each successive freeze. It lets more water in and makes the damage take its toll faster.

This phenomenon is called the freeze-thaw cycle. When the right amount of freeze-thaw cycles have occurred, the rock layers under the surface would accelerate the damage even more as the slab is penetrated deeper and deeper it becomes unable to support the loads it stands up to and it fails to handle traffic very well. The base can then be damaged and misalignment on the concrete can happen.

What You Can Do

We recommend that you apply a sealer that would protect the concrete from weather damages. You can also use a waterproofing sealer to prevent water from seeping in. Another good application for would be concrete stains, as they are a durable decorative concrete surface that could protect your floor from different kinds of damages that could devalue your surface. It also comes in different designs, colors and patterns, and is a very great addition to a home that’s looking for an elegant look.

Concrete Pool Deck Resurfacing

This kind of concrete dilemma varies in different areas. It must be assessed by professionals like us to obtain the best results. We offer different kinds of decorative concrete applications and services including stamped, stained, resurfaced and refinished concrete. Protect your investment with us!


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