Vista, CA Pool Deck Resurfacing: Sundek Classic Texture

Concrete Coating Specialists, Inc. serves clients in the Del Mar, CA community with top notch pool deck resurfacing services. We can restore an aging cement deck with our Sundek Classic Texture acrylic cement overlay product. Homeowners who wish to completely resurface pool deck concrete may choose from among our many beautiful designs and colors. We can create a new, functional, slip resistant surface that will remain cooler on a hot day than traditional cement. Pool owners who have a regular cement deck that has begun to chip, crack, or flake may change the overall look and restore the area by having our durable, decorative cement overlay applied. Even pool owners who have used Kool Deck or another cement overlay in the past may also have their deck revitalized with our resealing and recoloring services that will make a fading decorative coating look new again.

Vista, CA Pool Deck
Visit us online to fill out an online quote request form or to learn more about our Del Mar pool deck refinishing products and resurfacing services. For a more immediate response, call us at (619) 443-2318 to schedule a free estimate. We will conduct a thorough assessment and determine the best way to revitalize your cement surface and make it look new again with an attractive new acrylic overlay. We can restore aesthetic quality and functionality to give you a more attractive, comfortable, enjoyable pool area.
Sundek Classic Texture creates a brand new surface that offers the benefits of being slip-resistant & maintaining a cooler temperature in the sun compared to traditional concrete.Call Concrete Coating Specialists, Inc. today!

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