Stained Concrete For An Exceptional Outdoor & Indoor Flooring

People needing concrete staining services in San Marcos will quickly discover that Concrete Coating Specialists, Inc. specializes in this line of work. As a local company serving San Marcos, CA, for many years, we understand the need for people to have their surfaces stained. We provide amazing results on various surfaces.

Three Types of Stain

There are three different types of applications we can provide for our customers. The types are SunAcid, SunH2O and Sunday. Although each application is a bit different, all have wonderful results. Remember that these applications are ideal for many different kinds of cement.

Polished basement floor


SunAcid is the reactive acid stain that we use. It reacts to the salts and minerals on the cement surface. It provides a unique look that is difficult to replicate by other methods. Furthermore, it is water-based and can feature various colors that enhance an indoor or outdoor living area.


SunDye is a type of water-based application that we use. It is perfect when one wants a solid color on a surface. Not only that, but our customers like how economical it is, and they like how easy it is to apply in a brief amount of time.


SunH2O is wonderful in coloring cement on other types of overlay. It offers flexibility in being combined with other colors. It dries quickly and gives a classic look.

People who would like more information about our concrete staining services are invited to call us at (619) 443-2318.  We have friendly professionals who are available to answer any questions. Furthermore, we offer a free service estimate when people call us. People can also fill out a quote form available here on our page. Contact us today!

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