Acrylic Cement Coating For Variety of Outdoor Surfaces

Rancho Sante Fe, CA Acrylic Cement CoatingConcrete Coating Specialists, Inc. offers spray texture coatings services in the Rancho Santa Fe, CA area. With many successful installations in this warm and sunny area, we have developed methods to improve and protect outdoor living spaces and recreation areas. We customize concrete treatment solutions to meet client needs.

Untreated ordinary concrete surfaces can chip, flake, and split due to exposure to heat, sunlight and rain. We recommend resurfacing these areas with acrylic coatings to add color and protective sealants. The result is an improved appearance and long-lasting protection against further damage. For old and faded sealed installations, we use textured layers to refinish the area. We skillfully re-color the area from our wide range of tones, and re-seal the installation with a fresh sealant coating. The results will impress guests and neighbors with a new appearance for a drab area.

Sundek Classic Texture is ideal for pool deck and patio applications; the textured layers reduce heat build up in intense sunlight and improves footing in wet conditions. This remarkable product adds long-lasting protection and rich, vibrant colors to any outdoor recreation and entertainment space. The surface protection features are particularly important to driveway and entryway installations; the protective coating resists chemicals and prevents soaked-in oil stains. This feature reduces dirt build up and reduces maintenance costs and time-consuming oil stain removals.

Concrete Coating Specialists, Inc. welcomes inquiries seeking more information on Sundek acrylic cement coatings. Please call (619) 443-2318, we are standing-by to assist orders, respond to requests, and schedule a no-cost estimate service call. Residents can get additional information about our expert installations and protective products here in our website.

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