Invest In A Long-Lasting Pool Deck Coating – Sundek Acrylic Texture

pool-deck-concrete-coating-rancho-penasquitos-californiaConcrete Coating Specialists, Inc. is the premier pool deck installer in Rancho Penasquitos with more than twenty years of experience in San Diego.With winter fast approaching, now  is the perfect time to call us for swimming pool concrete deck coatings.

Families in Rancho Penasquitos will soon be covering their pools for the winter. Why not take this time to have your pool deck resurfaced by California’s concrete coating experts? Pool deck coating using the Sundek Classic Texture acrylic cement overlay system is a simple process with great results. Sundek specialists spray your concrete deck with Sundek acrylic overlay. After spraying, the coated cement is skilfully leveled with a trowel. This produces a great-looking, comfortable, and cool walking surface around your pool.

Sundek acrylic overlay can be customized to meet your needs using templates or stencils. A final coating of acrylic overlay is used to add an additional layer of protection and the color of your choosing.

Additional customization options are available for decks that are cracked, worn, or damaged. Sundek pool deck repair and coating can give your cracked or damaged deck a new appearance!

Concrete Coatings Specialists, Inc. cares deeply for its Rancho Penasquitos customers. A Sundek pool deck resurfacing from Concrete Coatings Specialists is guaranteed to be a pleasant experience with a high-quality result. Don’t leave your pool deck concrete coating susceptible to damage this winter. Call us today for pool decking ideas!

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