Have Functional Concrete Surfaces With Acrylic Cement Coating

Rancho Penasquitos, CA Acrylic Cement CoatingConcrete Coating Specialists, Inc., provides Rancho Penasquitos residents with attractive, durable acrylic cement coating for a variety of outdoor surfaces. Our workers install Sundek Classic Texture on driveways, walkways, patios, decks and entryways around your neighborhood, and we work with new cement surfaces as well as protecting and rejuvenating older concrete areas.

Whether you want to protect your new pool deck from environmental hazards or renew the appearance of an entryway, walkway or porch on your property, Concrete Coating Specialists, Inc., has a solution for you. Sundek Classic Texture is a slip-resistant coating available in a full spectrum of colors and several different designs. This acrylic coating provides a barrier against oils, dirt and chemicals that can harm a concrete deck or other outdoor surface.

In addition to installing new coatings, we also provide maintenance and renewal services for homeowners with existing acrylic coatings. Our refinishing service works for Sundek products as well as competitors’ products, and we are able to inject new color and reseal aging acrylic finishes to make them look like new as long as the integrity of the coating is still in place.

For more information about our services, take a moment to browse our website. To get a free estimate for your own acrylic cement coating, call us at (619) 443-2318. We look forward to helping you make the most of your outdoor surfaces and outdoor living areas.

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