Premium Acrylic Cement Coating: Sundek Classic Texture

Bernardo,CA acrylic cement coatingConcrete Coating Specialists, Inc. can help property owners in the Rancho Bernardo, CA area get ready for the warmer months by revamping their cement outdoor spaces with our Sundek Classic Texture spray knockdown finish.  For old or new cement surfaces that requires resurfacing, we can create a whole new surface that features one of our many designs and colors using Sundek Classic Texture. It is totally functional, slip resistant, and will remain cooler in the sun than plain concrete. We can refinish a cement surface that is chipping, cracking, or peeling to make the surface look new again. We can also refresh concrete that has previously been coated with Kool Deck or a similar product by simply recoloring and resealing the surface.

All those are possible with  Classic Texture. This product is the most economical and durable decorative cement coating that is currently available. Our product can also cut down on the time, expense, and effort property owners must invest in maintenance as the acrylic coating seals out oil, chemicals, and dirt. We can upgrade a property’s existing patio, driveway, entryway, walkway, or pool deck regardless how old or new the concrete surface is.

More information about our durable, high-quality acrylic cement coating is available here in our website, where visitors may contact us via email or fill out and submit an online request form. We can also be reached by phone at (619) 443-2318. We are happy to answer all questions or schedule a free estimate.

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