Repair Your Ramona, CA Patio

patio repair Ramona,CA

Concrete Coating Specialists, Inc., can take care of the patio refinishing that is necessary for the people of Ramona, California. Our attention to detail and workmanship results in excellence in each of our projects. We are the right company to contact.

We feature Sundek Classic Texture. This application is ideal when a surface needs to be completely redone for old and new outdoor areas. Our team of associates completes each job quickly. One of the benefits to the Sundek Classic Texture is that the surface is cool to walk on as compared to traditional concrete, and that is a great benefit when people like to walk barefoot. In addition to this, the new surface is slip resistant. Another benefit to this application is that the surface can have a color and design that matches well with the exterior of a home. When an area has already been resurfaced, we can reseal it. This is a popular thing to do to if the coating is in great condition. At times, the color of a surface has faded. Before we resurface the area, we can color in the faded spots. We can do away with flakes and cracks that commonly occurs in cement and concrete. When the repair work has been done, we will reseal the surface in order for the surface to look new once again.

We do patio refinishing correctly, and we take care of any repair work that needs assistance. We offer a free estimate on our services at 619-443-2318. You can also email us in order to receive a request form.

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