Give Your Concrete Some Gloss And Depth

Poway, CA Stained ConcreteConcrete Coating Specialists, Inc. offers concrete staining services in the Poway, CA area. Staining is a great way to add rich and vivid colors to any indoor or outdoor space. We offer customized services that include a wide range of colors and textures and many levels of gloss and depth in the available finishes. Staining is a wonderful tool for design and decor, and it is completely customizable.

We use high-quality Sundek products. SunH2O is a water based product that offers excellent color control. It is particularly useful for color matching and making contrasts. It is a popular selection for high traffic locations, and it is equally useful in residential and commercial locations. SunDye infuses the surface with a deep saturation of colors. SunDye can be used alone and in combination with acid washes. The combination produces unique color tones and blends. SunAcid fuses with the surface, and in the process combines with minerals in the cement. The results are random bursts of color and highlights. No two applications of SunAcid are exactly alike. The interaction with the surface produces wonderful effects that add interest and variety.

At Concrete Coating Specialists, Inc., we invite calls and inquiries from Poway property owners about our expert concrete staining products and services. Please call (619) 443-2318; we are waiting to answer questions, provide information about our products, and arrange free estimates. Customers seeking price information can fill out a request for quote form here. Customer service is a top priority; by phone or Email, our goals are responsive service and customer satisfaction. Please call or fill out a request for quote form today.

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