Better Surfaced Floor With Acrylic Cement Coating

Oceanside,CA Acrylic Cement CoatingConcrete Coating Specialists, Inc. is proud to offer our Oceanside, CA clients Sundek Classic Texture acrylic cement coating for their pool decks, patios, entryways and driveways. This durable mixture of polymers helps to protect your hardscape from the adverse effects of pool chemicals, oil and gasoline as well as the damaging effects of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. This low-maintenance material can be ordered in a variety of colors and designs. This includes combining the acrylic polymer with Masonry and Aggregate effects, Tuscan or Custom Shoreline applications to create a unique look, one of which is sure to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor décor.

Over time, harsh chemicals and weather can cause your concrete surfaces to crack, chip and flake. In addition to being unsightly, these blemishes can pose a safety hazard. With Sundek Classic Texture, your existing concrete can be resurfaced with a functional, slip-resistant surface that is cooler than untreated ones. A surface that has been treated in the past with another decorative coating and is still in good condition can be refinished by re-coloring and re-sealing it. This process will freshen up the look of your Oceanside CA concrete walkway, driveway, patio and pool deck increasing the value of your home while protecting the investment that you have made in your outdoor living space.

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