Ideal Acrylic Cement Coating for Your Concrete Surface

Jolla, CA Acrylic Cement CoatingConcrete Coating Specialists, Inc. is your resource for the application of the acrylic cement coating, Sundek Classic Texture. Your distinctive La Jolla, CA home can now have the beauty and durability that will make pool decks, patios, driveways, entryways and walkways both cooler and more slip-free. We can apply Sundek to help you save dollars over maintenance costs, as this coating keeps dirt, oils and chemicals from penetrating. Economical as well as durable, Sundek is available in a range of patterns and colors that will make your concrete surface, an extension of your home decor.

We have various ways in which we can apply this coating. We can resurface the existing flooring, whether old or new, and give it a cooler and safer feeling while providing a choice of patterns and colors. Sundek can also be combined with other applications, such as Custom Scoreline, Masonry effects, Aggregate Effects, Tuscan and more, imparting a truly unique appearance and beauty.

We can recolor and reseal an existing surface, whether it is Sundek or another brand, to make it look new and beautiful once more. This process can be done as long as the surface is in fair condition or better.

Moreover, we can apply this coating to chipped, cracked or flaked concrete, to give it a cooler and more beautiful surface once more.

Let us bring the beauty and durability of Sundek Classic Texture to your La Jolla home, where family and guests will enjoy it on your your pool deck, patio, driveway, entryway or walkway. Give us a call at (619) 443-2318 for a FREE estimate or explore our website for more information about this acrylic cement coating.

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