Patio Overlay Installers in Fallbrook, CA

patio overlay Fallbrook,CAConcrete Coating Specialists, Inc. offers patio refinishing and concrete coatings in the Fallbrook, CA area. After years of service, we know the warm southern California climate with many sunny days makes outdoor living areas useful year-round. We provide a line of high-quality protective overlay coatings featuring Sundek Classic Texture. We have expert installation services and long lasting products to meet our customer’s needs.

An unfinished concrete outdoor living space can flake, or chip and show wear; we can re-surface the area with a protective overlay. This will give the surface a new appearance, and protect it from wear. For an older prior installation, we can re-color the faded outdoor space in the customer’s choice of color, and re-seal it. This will refresh the finish and give it a like-new and vastly improved appearance.

For customers who wish to have a complete re-surfacing treatment of an old or new surface, we recommend Sundek Classic Texture. This total resurfacing treatment protects, improves the appearance, and adds safety to any outdoor area. Our expert installation of this outstanding product will transform any space into an exceptional entertainment area that will delight guests and neighbors. The coatings add texture and color. It also gives you a heat & slip-resistant surface. In addition, it adds designs that bring out the color and texture.

We, at Concrete Coatings Specialists, Inc. look forward to questions and inquiries about our skillful patio refinishing services and line of Sundek products. We have staff standing-by to respond to e-mail requests for quotes and arrange estimates. Area property owners can call (619) 443-2318 for information and a free estimate, or fill out an e-mail request for quote form. Do not delay, please call or e-mail today.

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