Expert Acrylic Cement Coating Installers

Escondido,CA acrylic cement coatingConcrete Coating Specialists, Inc. provide Sundek Classic Texture, a unique acrylic cement coating in the Escondido, CA area. The warm weather and many sunny days in this delightful California community invite year-around use of outdoor recreation and entertainment areas. Using Sundek Classic Texture coating, we feature repairs, refinishing, and resurfacing. Whether for pool decks, patios, walkways, driveways or entryways, this remarkable product will protect and enhance any concrete surface.

For unfinished surfaces that show flaking, splits and cracks, we can resurface the area in rich colors and protective coatings. An ordinary concrete surface will show vivid colors and have a long lasting protective seal with this remarkable coating. If there is an older sealed installation, we can re-color and re-seal the area to give it a fresh appearance and a like new finish. For any surface, we can perform a total resurfacing. Options include using  materials to add texture, and templates to create designs. For example, we can render surfaces to look like brick or tile. The benefits of the system include improved traction in wet conditions, and cooler surfaces in intense sunlight. In particular importance to driveway applications, the remarkably attractive finish prevents oil and chemical stains from penetrating into the surface. This enhances long-term wear and appearance, but also reduces time, effort, and cost of maintenance.

At Concrete Coating Specialists, Inc., we welcome calls and questions about our skillful acrylic cement coating installations. Please call (619) 443-2318, we have courteous and helpful staff waiting to answer questions, assist with orders, and arrange free estimates. Those seeking more information about our high-quality Sundek products and expert installations can check more information here in our website. Do not delay, call or fill out the request quote form now.

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