Keep Your Home Up-To-Date With Sundek’s Acrylic Coating

Coronado, CA Acrylic Cement Coating Concrete Coating Specialists, Inc. works with property owners in Coronado, CA, to install acrylic cement coating on a variety of outdoor surfaces. We treat both existing and new surfaces at rentals and privately owned homes. Using Sundek Classic Texture, we beautify and protect pool decks, entryways and patios from spills, dirt and other things that can harm or devalue traditional concrete.

Our professional Coronado knockdown texture installers take pride in providing unique, beautiful surfaces that please our customers. Sundek Classic Textures comes in several different designs and many color options for driveways, pool decks and other surfaces. We can combine this finishing with special effects such as masonry or aggregate effects, Tuscan looks, or custom score lines.

Our product can be applied to new surfaces as well as to existing concrete areas. In fact, we can update and revitalize surfaces that has flaked, chipped or cracked. Our installers can even help if you have an existing acrylic coating that has faded or become outdated. With our refinishing technique, we inject fresh color into older coatings that are still in good condition. Then we reseal the surface and leave it looking like new.

To learn more about the acrylic cement coatings offered by Concrete Coating Specialists, Inc., please browse our website. If you’d like your own free quote, call to speak with a representative at (619) 443-2318. Let us help you learn how concrete coatings will make your property more beautiful and easier to maintain.

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