Premier Clairemont Pool Decking Resurfacing Services

Clairemont Pool Deck Concrete Coating Specialists, Inc. provides full service pool deck resurfacing, refinishing and concrete treatment to the larger Clairemont, San Diego, CA community. Whether you have a pool deck in need of resurfacing, repair, or resealing, their forty years of experience and excellent customer service makes them the best in the industry.

When dealing with pool decking, Concrete Coating Specialists only uses the best materials possible to ensure the durability and longevity of the job. To treat an old or new pool deck in need of finishing or refinishing, Sundek Classic Texture is the preferred method. In addition to having a slip-resisitant coating for a safer environment, Sundek impedes the build up of heat to a large degree, making your concrete deck comfortable to walk on even in the hottest days of summer.

Sundek Classic Texture can not only be used to refinish pool decks, but also to resurface and repair them. Common problems associated with concrete–especially when subject to the abrasive chemicals in pool water–can include severe wear, cracking, pitting, and flaking. In many cases use of a Sundek finish can help repair these problems, in addition to adding a decorative flare to your deck.

If you are in need of pool deck resurfacing ideas and services in the Clairemont area, visit to request a quote form, or simply call (619) 443-2318 today for a free estimate. Do not allow your pool deck to deteriorate further, burn your feet, or cause painful slips any longer–Concrete Coating Specialists is sure to leave a lasting impression for years to come.

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