Time-Tested Concrete Resurfacing Product & Installation

Carlsbad, CA Front EntryConcrete Coating Specialists Inc. has the expertise and friendly service that takes care of the concrete resurfacing in Carlsbad that needs to be done at a home or business. We understand that Carlsbad, CA, and the surrounding area have a number of patios, pool decks and other similar surfaces that have been affected by the sun. As a result of this, we are providing an amazing acrylic cement coating to address surface needs.

One of the benefits of our surfacing is that we use the Sundek Classic Texture. This application does a solid job of providing a new surface that can provide children, youth and adults from slipping on a pool deck or patio. Besides this, the new surface can be cool to the touch when compared to an old surface. While these are nice benefits, it is important to keep in mind that we offer great designs and colors that can be applied to a surface. Stonework or a solid color can add vibrancy to an outdoor area that people love to congregate. The added application does not take very long for our experienced professionals to apply.

Some surfaces do not need to be surfaced. Instead, a new sealant is all that is needed. We can apply a new application that can protect a surface and make it look new. If there are flakes, chips or cracks that are prevalent, we can remove the eyesores promptly.

Businesses and homeowners are invited to call us at (619) 443-2318 for their cement resurfacing needs. When they do this, they can receive a free estimate. People are welcome to email us and fill out a quote form request here in our page.

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