Your Concrete Forecast 2021, Latest On Floor Resurfacing Cost

The typical range for concrete resurfacing costs is $3 to $7. The price changes according to the season, significantly when concrete materials dip down or increase. During the first quarter of 2021, concrete material suppliers reduced concrete costs by up to 2%.

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In terms of other construction materials, the supply of concrete remains to be the less expensive one. Why not take advantage of today’s forecast and start planning your future flooring repairs and renovation. 


Today’s post tells you tips and step-by-step planning to resurface your concrete floorings.

Cost of Concrete Today: How much does concrete resurfacing cost?

If you are still unsure of the answer to “Is concrete resurfacing expensive?” this post lets you in all the details of why it is not. Concrete is safe and practical to use this year if you are tight on the budget. Consumer news and business Channel reports early this year of the increasing cost of a few materials.

The following may be expensive to use for home repairs and construction this year:

  • Steel
  • Wood lumber
  • Copper steel
  • PVC materials
  • Hardwood materials


Looking from the list above, you may see ahead that choosing vinyl tiles or hardwood floors may cut holes in your pocket. So better choose wisely.


Next, see tips and things to consider when buying the flooring materials of your choice.

Factors to Consider when Choosing Materials

The current news reflects challenges to procure materials. With the Pandemic affecting jobs and business, home improvement activities see the challenges. Materials and other supplies see drawbacks but not without hope. 


 If you are planning to renovate your homes, resurfacing your concrete floors is the best plan right now. From the last year and early quarter of this year, concrete materials will likely dip as you reach the tail-end of the calendar.

Planning is key. And here are factors that you must look after when choosing your material:

Labor Cost

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Materials are not the only ones you have to consider when thinking of resurfacing the floors at home. Labor makes up a significant share of your budgetary pie. You may look into labor on these factors:

Skilled Labor

Consumer news reports that hiring skilled laborers is one of the causes of the slowdown of home improvement activities. With business owners on lockdown, the source of the workforce stings a bit. 


Learn from this fact now. Since skilled laborers are hard to find these days., one best way is to reach certified local contractors. And to be sure, find one that is licensed and bonded.

Contracts and Sub-Contractors or DIY?

Hiring contractors used to be frowned upon. But one of the constraints businesses face today is the lack of workers. Lockdown at home, one may resort to hiring from local ads offering various services. 


The problem here is you aren’t sure if these guys are certified workers. Some offer a specific skill, but they hire different subcontractors causing you to pay more. Do not fall for these false advertisements.

Supply Cost

The following influences a supplier’s pricing for particular materials:

  • Delivery. Transport of materials from source to the area of construction
  • Procurement. Involves the process of getting access to the materials, securing permits and other bids
  • Workforce. Cost to pay people who are in charge of delivering for hauling your materials.

Now you may think that you can cut costs from permits and procurement if you DIY your concrete floor resurfacing. Maybe and maybe not. Even if you do things independently, you still need to hire or pay for your gas, your leg workdays and pay for the time you will lose if you handle it on your own.

Bottom Line

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At the end of the day, the cost will vary depending on the client’s needs. As the owner, it would help you keep yourself updated on the trends in the supply and demands of the materials for improving your homes. Businesses, too, will benefit from knowing all these. 

The best and easiest way is to get in touch with a local contractor near you. You can find one that offers a free estimate, as Concrete solutions San Diego does. Letting them visit and measure your area will not hurt a bit.

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