How To Keep Pool Deck Job Site Dust-Free

Pool deck resurfacing jobs can be quite messy and dusty. Flying dust can be harmful to the health of the installers or the pool deck owners so it is important to keep the surroundings as dust-free as possible. Here are helpful tips to maintain the cleanliness of a pool deck job site and to keep air-borne dust levels to a minimum.

5 Tips To Maintain the Cleanliness

Prepare the Pool Deck Site

Any concrete project requires a proper preparation. Cover furniture, plants, or anything near the pool deck with a plastic sheet to keep dust from sticking to their surfaces. Taking them off is fast and easy. For a plastic sheet that slides down, secure it with tape or anything that will keep it in place without harming anything around it.

Constructors working on a classic texture pool deck

Secure The Open Area

Some jobs may require a tent or anything that will keep dust within the pool deck’s premises.

Workers can use overalls and gas masks to prevent accidental inhalation of the dust.

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Use A Vacuum

Similar to concrete polishing, a vacuum is used to suck dust immediately before it even has a chance to float or settle on the ground. Make sure to empty the vacuum bag often to maintain its good working condition and to avoid accidentally spilling a very full bag of dust.

Wet The Work Area

Water can also be used to control dust in a pool deck resurfacing site. It is cheap, accessible in the pool area, and easy to use. Just spray or hose some water on the site the installers are working on to keep the dust wet.

Dry dust tends to float more, increasing the chances of inhalation.

Stamped concrete pool deck & pool filled with water

Clean Up More Often

This is a no-brainer. Installers would have to clean the dust every now and then to prevent the build-up of dust. However, not every contractor is willing to do this. It is tedious and time-consuming.

Keeping the pool deck area dust-free is something most homeowners would request especially if they stay home most of the time and if they have children and pets. When consulting with a contractor regarding a pool deck resurfacing project, make sure to discuss their plans of how they could minimize, if not eliminate, the presence of dust. If it can’t be avoided, it is highly recommended for you and your family to move out of the house first, go to a hotel or a relative’s house, and just come back to check on the installers regularly to check their progress.

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